Comfort, Convenience, Security

Welcome to Century Tower, Fort Lee’s most desirable high-rise residence, ideally located within walking distance to the downtown shopping district and transportation to New York City.

You’ll immediately feel at home in this luxury apartment building with river views, spacious floor plans, beautiful grounds and outdoor facilities, full service accommodations and all the amenities you would expect. But Century Tower offers something more—a sense of community and connectivity. With loyal, professional management and staff—many of whom have shaped their careers at Century Tower—and an active and diverse resident population, this child-friendly building bustles with the feeling of a neighborhood.

Built in 1980, the 238-unit, 30-story building offers extraordinary round-the-clock security, including a doorman, garage attendant and full concierge services available 24/7. Common areas such as the lobby, elevators, garage, fitness center and social center are continuously monitored via closed circuit TV.

Century Tower—the ideal residence for 21st century living.

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Advantages of Co-op Ownership

Owning a co-op means you own shares in the building, which is set up as a corporation. Each dwelling unit, depending upon its size and make up, is assigned a certain number of shares that are granted to the purchaser along with a proprietary lease. The lease spells out the terms of the contract and incorporates the shareholders’ obligations, including payment of maintenance fees and charges, and agreement to abide by house rules.

The main difference between co-ops and condominiums is that sales and purchases of condominiums involve a transfer of deed from seller to buyer. Because condominium units are owned outright, owners are generally liable for more expenses than co-op shareholders who collectively contribute to the cost of building maintenance, taxes and operating expenses. Conversely, monthly maintenance can run higher in a co-op.

For tax purposes, co-op and condominium owners enjoy essentially the same tax advantages as home owners.